A workshop that produces audioguides, videoguides, multimedia totems, apps and contents

D'Uva Workshop is a cultural communication lab carrying projects for the interpretation of cultural heritage through the use of technology. Our company produces audioguides, videoguides, multimedia totems, apps and contents to narrate museums, churches, exhibits, monuments and archeological sites. D'Uva Workshop designs museum layouts, coordinated communication systems, signposts, sound design and manages audio guide and ticket services, bookshops, consulting staff training and selection and museum didactics.

iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Smart Phone, apps and Internet have opened up new horizons for the creation of audio tours with which to discover museums, churches, exhibits, monuments and archeological sites. We travel along this paths without prejudice or preconceived ideas, whilst investing in research and development.

Story-telling technologies and a bit of art

D'Uva Workshop was founded in 1959 by Giovanni D'Uva, who invented the technologies to narrate a bit of art. Today the company is led by Ilaria, the youngest of Giovanni's four children, who developed the initial intuition of using technology to help the visitors approach to culture and built around it a modern enterprise.

Ethical policy and quality

The practiced policy is the workshop’s profile background; a policy based on the principles dictated by the SA8000 norm, and from an integrated management system for Quality and Social Responsability certified according to SA8000 and ISO 9001:2000: because a correct management policy must be carried out at all levels.

Ilaria D’Uva about D’Uva Workshop. Watch the video on Youtube


What we do?

We produce:

Contents and containers: multimedia storytelling and apps designed to entertain and inforn the visitor together with audio guides, video guides, radio systems for groups and interactive kiosks.

We design:

Museum exhibitions, coordinated communication systems, signposting and sound design.

We manage:

Audio guide, radio guide and video guide services, ticket office, bookshops and educational systems at Pompei, Rome, Florence, Siena, Milan and Venice.

We innovate:

By developing applications for Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and multichannel websites in order to recount the Italian cultural heritage, crafts and creativity.

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